The Many Benefits of Living in Texas

in Texas

Are you thinking of relocating to the beautiful and fascinating state of Texas?  Perhaps you have just graduated from college, and are looking for your first home?  Or maybe your boss has asked you relocate to Texas for means of a promotion?  No matter why you are considering a move to the ‘Lone Star State’, there are many benefits to living in the great state of Texas.

Choosing Texas as your new home state can be beneficial in many ways.  To begin, researchers and magazines across the country have named Texas one of the top five ‘recession proof’ states within the United States of America.  This meaning, that even with turns in the economy, Texans can still find ample work and affordable living within their home state.  With our economy consistently in flux these days, moving somewhere where you know that you and your family can be financially protected is a huge bonus in considering a move to the south.

Secondly, the weather is one of the most popular reasons in which individuals, couples and families move to Texas.  Residents enjoy sun-filled days from eighty degrees and up.  Even when residents experience cooler weather in the winter months, the sun still fills the sky, eliminating the grey-day blues that most families experience outside of southern United States.

Another popular reason for families to move to the Lone Star State is that there is no income tax.  Yes, you heard right - the income taxes that would normally be taken out of your earnings, are not, when you are a Texas resident.  This means more money in your pocket for the things you and your family may need.

Schools (colleges and universities) are another great reason why people flock to Texas to build a life.  For those that choose to move to the state wherein their high school graduate may want to travel for higher education, or if someone in your family is thinking of furthering their education past that of an undergraduate degree; Texas is a great home base for either.  With an expansive job market, it is also easy for students to find a job that suits their schedule at school.

If you or your family enjoy the outdoors, Texas is also a great location for a plethora of outdoor activities. Whether hiking, biking, attending rodeos, etc., the options are endless all year round. So, whether you are looking into Nacogdoches homes for sale, or property in Dallas, know that your move to the great state of Texas is a wise and exciting decision.

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The Many Benefits of Living in Texas

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This article was published on 2011/05/05