Are Texas Democrats Farmer Friendly?

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Texas is the second most populous state in the United States of America after California. Agriculture and Cattle Ranching (remember all those stories about the Texas cowboys) play a big role in the economic life of Texans. But the changing environmental patterns have affected these primary occupations of rural Texans adversely. It is becoming economically untenable to continue with these activities due to low rainfall, higher input costs and a host of other impediments.

Texas Democrats realize the urgent need to revitalize the Texan agricultural system to make it a win-win situation for all concerned, from agricultural producers who will get good prices for their outputs to the people buying food at the grocery store who will get to buy local fresh produce at reasonable rates. This will encourage more people to become farmers on a commercial scale and ease the prevailing unemployment rates.

Texan Democrats have vowed to make the Texas agriculture industry a world leader and pledged to support the family of farmers and ranchers who make up its backbone. Towards this end, they have decided to:

  1. Provide all support (budgetary, research, etc.,) to the Texas Department of Agriculture to help them prepare an effective global marketing strategy to assist our producers in selling their produce and related products in the global market place by taking advantage of the internet. This initiative includes implementing community training programs in use of latest technologies.
  2. Provide affordable preventive and curative health care in rural areas through incentives package to recruit and retain physicians, extend zero-interest loans to public hospitals and ensure equitable Medicare reimbursements to rural hospitals.
  3. Ensure supply of clean and plentiful water to all areas.
  4. Take effective steps to reduce pollution and improve quality of air.
  5. Stop Rick Perry's Trans-Texas Corridor which could have a potentially devastating effect on the livelihood of the rural communities.
  6. Establish minimum support price for farm produce and introduce innovative insurance instruments to reduce risk of loss of farmers and ranchers.
  7. Coordinate with Mexican officials to ensure that NAFTA benefits Texas agriculture.
  8. Promote use of technology by rural communities through special schemes.

Texan Democrats are committed to the farming and rural community. After all, it they who drive the economy's wheels.

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Are Texas Democrats Farmer Friendly?

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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